"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

ISSN 1643-8779


Scientific quarterly Biological and Environmental Education is aimed primarily at teachers of science. However, we offer it also to pupils and students who wish to expand their knowledge, and to scientists involved in the improvement of teaching science in the school. We believe that by reading EBiŚ teachers will be able to more interesting and more effectively conduct the classes in the school, and students will gain a reliable source of knowledge of the sectors they are interested.

Quarterly consists of three divisions: SCIENCE, SCHOOL and SHORT:

SCIENCE - articles which may be interesting not only for the teacher, but also students appassionated in the natural sciences. They do not go far from the topics covered in the school, but among them we publish also articles dealing with current scientific findings that have not yet had a chance to hit the books.

SCHOOL - texts that have direct impact on the practice of teaching in the school: articles or materials of various sources of information (eg websites), ways of working with students, lesson plans or development (eg educational project summary) that help in the daily work of teachers .

SHORT - reviews of books and other materials (even music CDs), announcements of events or summaries of them etc. or anything that may be of interest to readers EBiŚ and does not require many pages in the quarterly.

ISSN 1643-8779

The quarterly is available in Open Access: all the articles since 2013 are available in SWF here.

Since 2015 the quarterly has 8 points on the scientific journals list B of polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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