"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

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Guidelines for authors

NOTE: The instructions for authors who send proposals texts have changed



Dear author, remember that among our readers are also students and teachers. Try to write concisely and directly, starting with an attractive short introduction, in which you indicate the problem addressed in the text and announce what you will present below.


The package of materials

Proposals for articles to be published in the Quarterly should be sent in electronic form to the following address: ebis@ibe.edu.pl

Sent article should not be more than 30000 characters.

Article text file in DOC format should also include:

  • summary in Polish and English version (up to 1000 characters) with the titles in both languages,
  • key words in Polish and English,
  • information about the author/authors (including degree/title and affiliation)
  • list of cited literature (entitled "Literature").

Along with the DOC file you should send portraits of authors in a good resolution in JPG or PNG. The file name of the photo should include the name of the author.


Graphic elements

Figures included in the text, tables and photographs should include a title and information about the source. If the author uses the image to which he has not a copyright, he should make sure that he does not break in this manner the rights of third parties (he will confirm it in the appropriate statement in if the article will be accepted).



Do not use footnotes to cite. To recall a specific bibliographic position, in the main text should be given in brackets: name/names of author/authors of publication, year of publication and page number, if necessary, for example: (Okuda, 2011), (Okuda et al., 2010), (Okuda and James, 1999), (Okuda, James and McCoy, 1999, 34-36).

These data refer to full bibliographic data given in the cited literature. This list should apply the AMA standard (American Medical Association) modified by placing the year of publication in parentheses after the name and initials of the author. Pattern:

Okuda M, Okuda D (1993). Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future. New York: Pocket Books.

RV Wilcox (1991). Shifting roles and synthetic women in Star trek: the next generation. Stud Pop Culture. 13:53-65.

James E (1988). Two sides of paradise: The Eden myth According to Kirk and Spock. In: Palumbo D, ed. Spectrum of the Fantastic. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 219-223.

McCoy LH (1999). Respiratory changes in Vulcans during pon farr. J Extr Med [serial online]. 47:237-247. Available at: http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/nysl_li_liu. Access 07/04/1999.


Additional Resources

We encourage you to send didactic materials associated with the proposed text. Examples of such materials are short questions and answers in the text, which we present at fiszkoteka.pl, so that the teacher can use the article and the questions in the form of e-flashcards to work with the student.

Examples of sets of e-flashcards to articles published in the Quarterly:

Oxygen radicals | Sex autumn birds | Genetically modified organisms


The editors reserve the right to make shortcuts and procedural changes to the content of articles. The editors do not return submitted materials.