"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

ISSN 1643-8779

The issue 4/2013 and eco-lesson materials

What is synthetic biology? When the patent protection of pharmaceuticals possible and when such protection expires? How many teachers performs experiments during chemistry lessons in Polnad? The answers on these and more questions in the ussue 4/2013. 4/2013. Moreover, we publish the ecolesson scenario of the Polish Ministry of Environent contest's winner. Below you can find the materials to this lesson.

The winner of the contest is Ms. Agnieszka Romaneczko, the author of scenario Ziemia sama się sobą zachwyca – natura w poetyckim i malarskim kalejdoskopie. These are the attachmeents to the scenario:

All the artciles of the issue 4/2013 you can read here.