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Education in the field of sexuality in the EBiŚ

Contests and reliable scientific articles we plan a series of actions to help in a good teaching of knowledge about human sexuality. We believe that such teaching must be based on specific values. See our plans and principles (below).


Health education in the field of human sexuality

Education in the field of human sexuality should be oriented to the fundamental values close to everyone. We base it on the human dignity which entails attitudes of respect for everybody, care and subjective treatment. In our opinion, these attitudes can be effectively shaped through the education in the field of human sexuality  which is aimed at the health – both physical and mental.

Therefore we enhance to teach the knowledge on human sexuality in such a way:

  • that students know what is good and what is harmful to the body, and
  • that during the following stages of their body and mind development they realized how individual choices and practices affect their own health and the relation between them and people that are close to them.

Within such health education there should be applied two basic principles:

  1. do not impose your own view on issues related to human sexuality;
  2. present reliable medical, biological knowledge , based on high quality sources.

In order to facilitate such education we plan:

  • to publish a series of scientific articles
  • to announce two competitions: for an interesting, valuable lesson in the field of sex education (the best scenarios will be published), for a thesis on the issue of sex education in Polish schools.

We encourage you to track not only our quarterly EBIS, but also our website and our Facebook profile. In both sites will post the latest information on both competitions and other activities.



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