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Sexuality lesson scenario

Five lesson scenarios. They differ much, but each of them show the problems concerning sexuality. All of them won the prizes in our contest „My lesson on the human sexuality”. We publish them in full versions.

You can download each of them in PDF or (together with attachments) in a ZIP file.

The contest was part of our action Health education in the field of human sexuality.


SEE THE SCENARIOS (all in Polish):


Agnieszka Baca-Wach

Zapłodnienie in vitro – metoda leczenia niepłodności u ludzi

scen PDF | ZIP pack


Joanna Baś
Koncepcja antykoncepcji

scen PDF | ZIP pack


Monika Kulesza-Ciszak
Tolerancja – jestem na tak!

scen PDF | ZIP pack


Magdalena Antkiewicz-Kopicka
Kilka słów o seksualności…

scen PDF | ZIP pack


Beata Izabela Żukowska
Płeć męska, żeńska i pośrednia? Hermafrodytyzm

scen PDF | ZIP pack