"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

ISSN 1643-8779

The issue 1/2015 in two versions: English and Polish - try it!

As we promised before we publish a Polish version of the issue 1/2015, published in the primary version in English. You can browse it in SWF here. The English version is still available here. And all the issues are available here. Enjoy your reading!

In this issue you will find before all informations about: the blue mussel – irreplaceable filter-feeder and geneticist’s favourite; environmental impact of municipal waste incineration plant; biofilm – an instrument for wastewater treatment technology.

Furthermore some papers dedicated to the SECURE project results, challenging the new Biology school curriculum in England and web mapping Google applications in environmental education.

What is more we offer some texts and materials useful in teaching science and some current information about latest scientific discoveries.

We invite you to get aquainted with all the articles and materials and to consider the subscription, which gives really good opportunities.