"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

ISSN 1643-8779

HIT for preschool and early education teachers

Spiedrs and ants observation, snails farming, kindergarten anthill, reconstruction of human skeleton, visiting optician. You can conduct a very successfull and attractive science education with children. Our experts collected examples of good practice, added some hints and information and thanks to them we present a Guide Preschool and earlyschool science education, which you can download free as a PDF file.

This is the special materialial of the quarterly Biological and Environmental Education. Just click this cover and check it out.

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And below - some photos:


Ants observation (fot. Magdalena Wysocka, Joanna Drzymała)


Test - what is like to be a moth? (fot. Magdalena Wysocka, Joanna Drzymała)