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The Biologists Night 2017

January 13, 2017 - the 6th edition of The Biologists Night will start. The organisers invite everybody to visit the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw and take part in many interesting events!

The Night will start at dusk, around 16:15 (finish around 23:00) at the Faculty building at 1 Miecznikowa Street.

Our guests can enjoy numerous:

  • lectures,
  • workshops/laboratories,
  • stands,
  • exhibitions,
  • meetings with the scientists.

Lectures and workshops will be conducted not only by the employees of the Faculty of Biology, but also by scientists from related institutions.

Admission is free. We invite youth and adults!

Last year in our classes took part nearly 4,000 people!

The program will be available on the Website www.nocbiologow.pl, the information will also appear on our Facebook profile: „Noc Biologów na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim” (Biologists Night at the University of Warsaw).

Marcin M. Chrzanowski

Coordinator of the Biologists Night of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

ul. Miecznikowa 1, 02-096 Warsaw

tel. (48 22) 55 41 000

Website of the Faculty of Biology: http://www.biol.uw.edu.pl/en