"Biological and Environmental Education" quarterly

ISSN 1643-8779

Call for Papers to the English issue

See our Call for Papers to the issue 1/2017, which will be published entirely in English (as in the case of the issue 1/2014, 1/2015 and 1/2016). We invite you to submit your papers.

Biological and Environmental Education (Edukacja Biologiczna i Środowiskowa – EBiŚ)
A quarterly scientific magazine published by Institute for Educational Research, Warsaw, Poland, ISSN: 1643-8779

Submission open for December 2016

Biological and Environmental Education (EBiŚ) is online peer reviewed journal with open access that is published by Institute for Educational Research, Poland.

First issue in each year is published bilingually, in English and Polish. The whole content of Biological and Environmental Education can be browsed online at ebis.ibe.edu.pl free of subscription fee. It means that articles published in Biological and Environmental Education reach truly wide readership.

We believe that the the first issue each year published in both languages will serve as a platform for exchange of information and experiences between Polish researchers and teachers with their colleagues from abroad. Therefore, we kindly invite you to submit your papers to our journal.

The first issue published in 2017 will be devoted to science education around the world. Researchers, teachers, and everyone engaged in science education are welcome to contribute papers describing results of educational studies or good practice in science education.

For Polish authors: please prepare papers both in English and Polish versions.

Expected date of publishing: March 2017

Acceptance notification: in 6 weeks from submission

Submission deadline: December 23, 2016

Send your manuscript to the editor at: ebis@ibe.edu.pl

For more information, please contact us: m.rzeszotek@ibe.edu.pl

Please, send this information forward.

Best regards,

Takao Ishikawa, Magdalena Rzeszotek, Marcin Trepczyński

Biological and Environmental Education